Testing and Delivery of the Base Container Images

Dan Čermák

CC BY 4.0

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Dan Čermák

Software Developer @SUSE, BCI Release Engineer
i3 SIG, Package maintainer
Developer Tools, Testing and Documentation, Home Automation

What is SLE BCI?

  • set of open source container images based on SLES
  • permissive license, free to use & redistribute (T&C apply)
  • available for x86_64, aarch64, ppc64le & s390x
  • grab them from registry.suse.com


  • base images: base, micro, minimal, busybox
  • language stack: go, openjdk, python, etc.
  • application: rmt, postgresql, registry, …

How it all started

Then .Net got out of date…

let's automate things!

And then it grew…

  • more images: , , , .Net, micro, minimal, busybox, , ruby, RMT, …
  • second service pack: SP3 & SP4
  • more formal requirements

let's automate things!

Oh right we should be testing these things…

Testing evolved

So where are we now?

Let us go public!

Are we there yet?

  • it's not really public…
  • templates are not getting applied periodically
  • template creation requires manual work
  • manual changes possible
  • .Net separate from rest

🆕 OBS Feature: <scmsync> 🆕

⇒ dockerfile generator should be the single source of truth

Let's move the templates to GitHub

  • main contains the code
  • sle15-spX / Tumbleweed contains rendered templates + changelog

Let's move everything to git

…Are we there yet…?

What is left to do?

  • run tests on each pull request
  • polish & publish Tumbleweed BCIs
  • add support for Tumbleweed to BCI-tests
  • ALP based BCI

Thank you 💚

Alexander Herzig, Bruno Leon, Darragh O'Reilly, Dirk Müller, Dmitri Popov, Fabian Vogt, Felix Niederwanger, Frederic Crozat, Ivan Lausuch, Jose Lausuch, Marco Varlese, Marcus Meissner, Martin Loviska, Maurizio Dati, Michal Švec, Olaf Kirch, Pavel Dostál, Ricardo Branco, Vincent Moutoussamy, William Brown, Witold Bedyk

Give me the source!